Thanks very much for putting together online booking services and Russian visa support! By one click we’ve got all we need for the business trip to Russia. No more Intourist, no extra costs.
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Alvist has one of the best approaches to travelling! Choose what you want, get what you want and book what you want.

I organized my tour myself. I liked to discover more Moscow and St.Pete and the real urban life not just the Kremlin area.

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Your suggestion for a Trans-Siberian journey was a winner for my boyfriend and me.

Your online service let us organize the trip ourselves and included all we need. It gave us a flexible, independent trip.

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I’ve got a brilliant holiday!

Got a nice trip to the small city of Vladimir (Not Putin! J ) Met my old friends, got my new girlfriend! I loved very much the country, cities, people. Nice!

No problems with visas, tickets, reservations and accommodations. I recommend Alvist to everybody!!

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